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In the News
Published December 20, 2023
A $25,000 bequest from Mulvey and Richards will support the “Fund for a World in Conversation,” and they have promised additional support from their estate as an incentive for others to contribute in order to activate the endowment.
Published April 11, 2023
One thing was clear: While no two dialogues were the same, the experience enabled the members to talk about issues important to themselves in a respectful, supportive environment.
Published February 28, 2020
“Even though they were oppressed by ISIS, they have hopes and dreams. These students are running extra fast to make up for the 3 lost years of their lives” -Basim Razzo (Iraq program manager for WINC)
Published January 20, 2020
Titled “Sociology and Culture in Korea,” the program, led by Samuel Richards, teaching professor of sociology at University Park, Ben Park, professor of human development and family studies at Penn State Brandywine, and Laurie Mulvey, associate clinical professor of sociology and director of World in Conversation at Penn State, provided students with a cross-cultural immersion study experience that paired them with students from Seoul’s Konkuk University.
Published June 6, 2023
World In Conversation pilot event draws more than 600 students, faculty, and staff
Published February 19, 2019
World in Conversation executive director on the value of dialogue in a democracy
Published May 21, 2018
An unexpected friendship began between Penn State professor of sociology Sam Richards and Basim Razzo, an Iraqi citizen living on the other side of this world
Published April 30, 2018
The story of a Penn State professor, his Iraqi friend, a tragic loss of life, and the lessons they provide.
Published April 14, 2018
Founded in the early 2000s, WinC is a program that allows students to attend dialogues facilitated by other students. Topics covered in the dialogues include race, gender, class and more.
Published February 2, 2018
Over the last three years, military personnel from Allied nations and civilians from Afghanistan have been involved in a direct dialogue meant to facilitate communication between people from differing cultural backgrounds. This project was financed through the NATO Science for Peace and Security Programme (SPS) and ended in December 2017.
Published February 1, 2018
Una metodología que busca encontrar la capacidad de escucha en cada colombiano.
Published August 19, 2017
El sociólogo Samuel Richards analiza cómo debe enfrentar Colombia la reinserción de las Farc.
Published August 12, 2017
The Center for Online Innovation in Learning at Penn State has announced it will fund four new projects through its Research Initiation Grant Program.
Published June 23, 2017
“Dialogue is the most effective tool for building our capacity to manage difference and conflict,” David Holloway
Published March 29, 2017
Earlier in the week, at a “World in Conversation” event joining Penn State’s President’s Council with more than 30 students, some expressed the view that they were working to “not object to someone they disagreed with” in order to better get along together.
Published January 25, 2017
“I want the conversations that are sparked in this class to go beyond the classroom,” Richards said. “A subject like race and ethnic relations is a national and global issue. To be successful, we have to bring many different voices and perspectives into the conversation. We can do that with the live stream.”
Published January 25, 2017
Understanding each other’s differences and learning from them was the focus of a recent forum that brought student leaders together with University officials for conversations to deepen their appreciation of the viewpoints of others.
Published January 24, 2017
On Martin Luther King Day, faculty and staff from Penn State Abington and Penn State Brandywine came together for “Beyond ‘All In’: A Retreat on Racism.”
Published January 23, 2017
Two WPSU Penn State productions have been honored with prestigious Mid-Atlantic Emmy awards. The regional Emmys were presented Saturday, Sept. 24 in Philadelphia during the 34th annual awards ceremony of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences’ Mid-Atlantic chapter.
Published September 26, 2016
Few universities have adopted formal policies on trigger warnings, but these days, at the discretion of professors, the range of topics that warrant alerts have broadened to include, the U.S. Constitution, Black Lives Matter on down to Pokemon Go and discussions on police.
Published September 14, 2016
Dos sociólogos estadounidenses nos hablaron de la importancia de la empatía a la hora de resolver conflictos.
Published May 17, 2016
State of State’s 2016 conference ignited thoughtful discussion in Alumni Hall of the HUB-Robeson Center on Saturday, with a total of 17 speakers who spoke on a broad range of topics that affect the Penn State community.
Published February 14, 2016
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Published December 9, 2015
The World in Conversation Center (WinC) staff members Trent Hall, Jenny Beben and Shannon Howley recently met with students, faculty and staff of the Wuhan Institute of Technology (WIT) in China. The relationships fostered by the trip will increase the number of meaningful virtual dialogues to transpire between Penn State and WIT students, as the center continues to expand the scope of its global dialogue.
Published May 5, 2015
Danna Jayne Seballos, administrative support coordinator 4 and assistant director for the World in Conversation Center, has been selected to receive the 2015 Dr. James Robinson Equal Opportunity Award.
Published April 9, 2015
“WinC anticipates a very fruitful collaboration, and believes that the partnership with the Afghanistan Independent Bar Association will be a model for others like it that are sure to follow,” Laurie Mulvey
Published February 3, 2015
Eden Araya, a junior BBH student, presented “Conversations that Matter,” about her work at World in Conversation (WinC) at Penn State, where she is a facilitator on the global dialogues team connecting people in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Poland, the Netherlands, China and other places.
Published November 21, 2014
The World in Conversation Center’s contribution to WISE was to showcase the innovative use of cross-cultural video dialogue as a powerful pedagogical tool for deepening a student’s understanding of the world and themselves
Published November 12, 2014
Throughout the semester, students use videoconferencing technologies to connect with people who live in the conflict zone or who have experienced conflict in another part of the world. This fall, they’ve spoken with individuals living in Israel, the West Bank, Gaza, Jerusalem and Northern Ireland.
Published November 10, 2014
Two of Penn State’s most prominent thought leaders will be speaking at the three-day World Innovation Summit for Education — referred to rather cheekily as WISE — beginning on Nov. 4 in Doha, Qatar.
Published October 30, 2014
Penn State’s Sam Richards, senior lecturer in sociology, and Laurie Mulvey, lecturer in sociology, along with a contingent from their World In Conversation Project (WinC), will travel to Doha, Qatar, to participate in the UN Alliance of Civilization’s Youth Day forum on Dec. 10. The event is expected to attract more than 250 youth from around the world.
Published December 8, 2011
Thanks to a cooperation between Sam Richards, senior lecturer in sociology, and Mark Shriver, associate professor of anthropology and genetics, Dobbins (senior-sociology) took a DNA test that showed his genetic racial breakdown.
Published December 5, 2005