World in Conversation

Meet our Team 

Our Team

We are a team of “bridge people” from many world cultures and social positions. We speak different languages and hold different beliefs. We are not a “monolith.” But we do share one thing-we are passionate about advancing a facilitation method that enables humans to collaborate across divides. 

At World in Conversation, we view conflict in the simplest terms–the “differences between us.” And it turns out that these differences are actually a necessary ingredient for any group to maintain a healthy internal balance as well as to evolve together. 

So we encourage each other to bring what is unique about ourselves and our views to all of our projects. We have seen that honoring and uplifting differences is essential–not because doing so “looks good” but because it is good. And because it is foundational to everything we do. 


Global Team

We’ve spent over a decade creating international alliances with colleagues who are eager to collaborate with us to coordinate facilitated dialogues between Penn State students and international students from across the globe.

Please note that several of our team members’ photos, full names, and locations are not disclosed for security reasons.









Student Staff 

We are a unique laboratory for engaged learning. At World in Conversation, students from every discipline become practiced in real-world program delivery. We offer a supportive, collaborative and dynamic work environment that prepares students to be top candidates in their field.


We host hundreds of dialogues each year for thousands of participants. Our interns hold essential elements of the center’s day-to-day workings, including scheduling and registration systems, data collection and archiving, program assessment, communications, as well as research and development.