World in Conversation

Aashita Anand

Aashita Anand

Organizational Systems Manager

Managing the development and implementation of systems, Aashita moved into this role after hands-on examination of our inner workings across teams. From spearheading development, budget planning, managing signature events, maintaining our ever growing database, liaising with our alumni, coordinating our pilot Trainers in Training course, translating our Hindi Book ‘Transforming Conflict & Collaboration’ and being the bridge between our Communications and Operations teams she has done it all.

A forever multitasker, Aashita worked in the corporate and creative entertainment realm for over a decade successfully building proposals and raking in sizable monetary investments and approval of 100 acres of land all while freelance consulting an assortment of global clients. From production, event, luxury retail to triathlete training for health & wellness brands, her work experience has been expansive.

Aashita came back to the world of Education and specifically World in Conversation in early 2022. Trained as a Facilitator and Observer when we were still the Race Relations Project, she completed her Bachelor of Science from Smeal College of Business with a minor in Sociology from the College of Liberal Arts at Penn State University. Later she moved to Philadelphia and went on to study at the Business School of La Salle University, where she graduated with an MBA in Marketing.

In her free time, Aashita likes to read and go hiking and is currently also dabbling in designing jewelry and writing fiction novels.