World in Conversation

Alijah Rhodes

Alijah Rhodes

Facilitation Trainer

Alijah Rhodes began his World in Conversation Career in Spring of 2017 after becoming aware of the organization through Sam Richards’ SOC 119 Race Relations Course. He began as a SOC 119 TA facilitating weekly discussion groups during the semester and moved on the next semester serving as a Dialogue Assistant, working alongside other TAs to coach and support their growth and approach to the method. During Alijahs last two semesters he worked as a facilitator on the Advanced Facilitation Team and served on the 2019 Community Building Retreat Leadership Team.

After graduating from Penn State in May 2019 with a Psychology BS- Business Option he moved on to work for Oracle Inc. as a Business Development Consultant working to support the sales of Supply Chain Cloud software. Though grateful for the time spent at Oracle, he felt another opportunity would best fit his skill sets and moved to Manchester, NH to work as a Territory Sales Representative within E&J Gallo Winerys Leadership Development Program. During this time Alijah kept in touch with WINC and participated in both alumni facilitation programs offered: “Practitioners Team and Trainers in Training”. “Understanding the immense value in maintaining and refining the skills of a facilitator and staying connected with the undeniably unique culture at World in Conversation is a must”. After three and half years with Gallo, a training position opened at WINC and he was determined to secure it. After four years Alijah is back and currently serves as the on campus facilitation trainer working closely with students to support their development in facilitation.