World in Conversation

DJ Seballos

DJ Seballos

Assistant Director

Danna Jayne Seballos, known as DJ, is the Assistant Director for the World in Conversation Center for Public Diplomacy (WinC). In that role DJ manages the Center’s operations from staffing and HR to budget administration. She started working with what was then the Race Relations Project, as a student facilitator, in 2007. Her efforts as program manager helped transform the Project to World in Conversation in 2010 while her work on the organizational structure laid the foundation for WinC to become a Center in 2013. She believes in a dynamic workplace that not only facilitates conversation, but trusts in the practice of addressing the conflict that exists between different people coming from different places.

In addition to her work in WinC, DJ co-instructs CED 400 & 401, Exploring Indigenous Ways of Knowing in the Great Lakes Region. This course guides students through traditional knowledge studies in preparation for a two week field experience among the Ojibwe people in Northern Minnesota and Canada.

DJ is from the Washington, DC area. She graduated from Penn State in May 2008 with a degree in Public Relations and in 2012 with a BA in Sociology. She is working on a Masters in Global Labor and Workers’ Rights here at Penn State. DJ was the 2015 recipient of the Dr. James Robinson Equal Opportunity award for her efforts to enhance the educational environment through cross-cultural understanding.