World in Conversation

Jeffrey Hamill

Jeffrey Hamill

Content Developer
Technical Specialist

Jeff has been a member of the World in Conversation community since the Fall 2015 semester when he took SOC 119. Jeff started as a student, became a Foundations Facilitator, and then went to innovate the Center’s technology and made SOC 119 a class watched around the world. Currently Jeff is responsible for the post production and online presence of SOC 119. He has a small team of students that assist with publishing daily content to a quarter million subscribers.

At World in Conversation, Jeff was influential with the development of the Center’s Video Teleconferencing Technology connecting students in the United States to our partners around the world, and providing a system for facilitation trainers to view dialogue recordings – allowing them to provide instant feedback. When COVID-19 happened and the University shut down in-person operations, World in Conversation and SOC 119 were already using technology and was able to seamlessly (as seamlessly as possible) transition from in-person to 100% virtual operations.