World in Conversation

Pedro Dos Santos

Pedro Dos Santos

Foundations Facilitation Trainer

I started my journey at World in Conversation as a SOC119 TA in the spring semester of 2019. Being interested in the various ways education can interact with human development, I was amazed by the educational program offered at World in Conversation. The facilitation courses they provided not only enhanced students’ ability to pay attention and nurture their curiosity, but also taught them how to connect and learn from individuals from diverse backgrounds.

After completing my education at the Pennsylvania State University in 2021, where I earned a degree in Education and Public Policy, I joined World in Conversation. Currently, I am a Facilitation Trainer and one of the Administrators for the SOC 369 class, our Foundations of Facilitation course. In my role, I am responsible training facilitators, supporting the recruitment of students locally and internationally, organizing and developing our curriculum, and helping to ensure World in Conversation is a unique and impactful educational center.

If you have any questions or would like to connect, feel free to reach out to me via email.