World in Conversation

Sarah Chelius

Sarah Chelius

Dialogue Researcher
Advanced Facilitation Trainer

With over 15 years experience in facilitation and small group communication, Sarah brings a passion for small-group dialogue to her work with curriculum development and undergraduate training.

In her current role, Sarah co-leads the Advanced Facilitation course, supporting undergraduate students in developing the key mindsets and skills of a facilitator. Sarah develops and implements workshops and has a particular expertise in conducting individualized coaching sessions and inquiry based learning.

Alongside her work training facilitators and developing curriculum–and working with the small group as a social system–Sarah is studying toward a graduate degree in Historical Sociology at Binghamton University, through which she looks at the macro level of social systems, studying social continuity and social change.

Sarah earned an undergraduate degree from Penn State in 2007 in the Bachelor of Philosophy program, an interdisciplinary degree in which she focused largely on small group dialogue with the Race Relations Project (former name of World in Conversation).