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Brenton Joo Mitchell

Brenton Joo Mitchell

Facilitation Trainer
Course Instructor

With a background in interpersonal communications, peace & conflict studies, and clinical mental health counseling, Brenton leverages his knowledge and 13 years of experience in higher education and K-12 education environments to curate an engaging and rigorous student experience for WinC’s Advanced Facilitation team. \

Brenton’s focuses on the recruitment, retention, and development of student facilitators along with curriculum standards for WinC’s Practicum.

Brenton earned his Masters in Education in 2019 from Penn State University in Counselor Education and is a Licensed Professional Counselors (LPC) in the state of Pennsylvania. Brenton works tirelessly to centralize student well-being, growth, and experiences at each intersection of WinC.

Based in State College, PA, Brenton enjoys long walks in the park, campfires with friends and family, and witnessing the development of his son Otis.