World in Conversation

Javier Moreno-Wolfschoon

Javier Moreno-Wolfschoon


Javier Moreno-Wolfschoon is a Panama City, Panama native who decided to study in the US at Penn State University and graduated with a double major in Supply Chain Management and Information Systems, with an additional Bachelor of Science in Economics.

He got his start with World in Conversation after attending a dialogue for extra credit for a Business Seminar course. Even though it was during his initial online transition period, Javier says, “I fell in love with the format, the exploration of curiosity, and the building of spaces that WinC looked to create.” Javier studied facilitation for three semesters and he says of his time here, “I learned a lot about facilitation, group management, and the center’s history while doing my job as a WinC research assistant. I believe in the work we do at WinC because I consider it the best platform to speak up and share ideas and create a space where different cultures can interact on campus. When I was younger, I did a lot of debate and MUN, but WinC differentiates itself in how we want ideas to interact, and dig deeper, rather than just have them clash, which is what caught my attention the most in my first ever dialogue and it still captivates me to this day.”

Beyond the center Javier is an avid sport and traveling enthusiast and enjoys reading and learning about economics and cooking. In addition, Javier has played video games at a professional level, in which the skills he has learned at WinC have helped him to create community and learning environments inclusive for newcomers.