World in Conversation

Kristin Newvine

Kristin Newvine

Administrative Support Assistant

Kristin’s journey to becoming a staff member started in the summer of 2018. During this summer semester Kristin took Soc 119, and excitedly became the attendance Teaching Assistant for the class. Kristin stuck with the class as a TA for 3 semesters before moving on to graduate school. After completing their course work for their dual masters degree, they returned to Penn State and were welcomed onto the WinC team.

Kristin is a Masters Candidate student at Ball State University studying Sociology and History. They are a 2020 Graduate of the Pennsylvania State University with BA in History and minors in Sociology and Holocaust/Genocide Studies. Kristin’s study of the Holocaust informs their work at WinC. They believe that in order to prevent such hatred and violence from once again taking hold of a large social group, people must learn tolerance. To Kristin, WinCs mission seeks to do just that, through facilitated conflict management and the sharing of different perspectives amongst small groups.