World in Conversation

Mariam Tananibe

Mariam Tananibe

Programming Assistant

Mariam Tananibe is a fourth year studying neurobiology and psychology. Shefirst decided to get involved with WINC after her first semester freshmen seminar class. According to Mariam, she says of the time:

”I was one of those students who would schedule a dialogue and cancel last minute or not show up. I remember telling my first friends I really did not want to show up for my dialogue and that it was going to be a waste of my time- well I was wrong. I absolutely loved it! I loved being able to have conversations with other people who did not know me, listen to their perspectives and disagree or agree with each other’s statements. After that dialogue, I went on the WINC homepage and began looking for a way to be involved in any way. I signed up to be a facilitator my first semester sophomore year and I have been with WINC ever since.”

Outside of WINC, Mariam is a research assistant at the Grozinger lab and a teaching assistant for LING 493. She loves to hang out with friends (“they keep me sane”) . Mariam has recently started to get back into reading and wants to get into pottery.